Ken Farmer was born in the small East Texas oil boomtown of Kilgore.  The son of a Texas wildcatter, Ken attended over 21 grade schools in 7 states, living in almost every boomtown of the time.

 After graduating from Gainesville, Texas, (high school), Ken attended Oklahoma University, then Stephen F. Austin State University on football scholarship.   Majoring in Business and Speech & Drama, after a stint in the Marine Corps, he received his Bachelor's degree.   Ken worked for IBM as a sales rep., leading the nation in sales his first year.  Two years later, Ken entered into business for himself by founding an oil exploration and production company, "Texas Western, Inc.".

 It was during the period he was  CEO of Texas Western, that Ken became interested in professional acting, having heretofore relegated his drama training to "Little Theater, Community Playhouse, etc.". He was talked into auditioning for a Dairy Queen commercial by Dallas agent, Kim Dawson.  They needed a real cowboy and Ken also owned a working cattle ranch in East Texas where he raised registered Beefmaster cattle and Quarter Horses.  Suffice to say, Ken got the part. (That's another story.) That was over two hundred sixty commercials (some of which he Produced and Directed), fifteen major feature films, over fifty TV shows and TV movies ago and only God knows how many Industrials and radio spots he has done.

Ken was the  television/radio spokesman for Wolf Brand Chili for six years and most recently appeared in "FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS", "RED RIDGE", "THE NEWTON BOYS", "ROCKETMAN", "THE PRESIDENT'S MAN",  "LOGAN'S WAR" six episodes of "DALLAS", six episodes of "WALKER, TEXAS RANGER" and "THE GOOD GUYS". Ken has worked directly with  many award winning actors; Billy Bob Thornton, Gene Hackman, Lucus Black, Robert Stack, Linda Hunt, Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Peter Fonda, James Woods, Ben Johnson, Brian Dennehy, Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Ashley, Karen Allen, Danny Glover, Kris Kristofferson, Robert Fuller, Slim Pickens, Rip Torn, Robert Conrad, Scott Glenn, Bo Bridges, Willie Nelson, Peter Brown, Larry Hagman, Howard Keel, Ethan Hawk, Matthew McConaughey and John Cleese, to name a few.

Ken has been known to say, "I can't believe they actually want to pay me for something I love to do so much,  I guess my avocation has become my vocation."

 In 1984, Ken had a major role in "SILVERADO" and decided to devote full time to acting and moved to Los Angles.  While in L. A., Ken continued his acting studies under Cliff Osmond, Rowena Balos, and Rob Spera, among others, at the Actor's Center.

Ken has also written several projects in addition to his book ("ACTING IS STORYTELLING"© ), including the screen plays, "SLEEPING DOG" , an action adventure  romantic comedy set in Texas; "ROCKABILLY BABY" (based on a play of the same name by Leslie Jordan), a 50's drama about the birth of rock and roll.;  

Timber Creek Productions completed post on "ROCKABILLY BABY", June 12,2008. The feature starred Denton Blane Everett, Todd Farr and Brandi Price and was shot entirely on location in and around Gainesville, Texas in HD and was written and directed by Ken. **NEWS** "ROCKABILLY BABY" wins the coveted AUDIENCE CHOICE award and BEST ACTOR went to Denton Blane Everett (Baby Boy Watkins). Trail Dance Film Festival, Jan. 18, 2009. Ken and his writing partner, Buck Stienke, working on their fifth novel in the Black Eagle Force series, "BLACK EAGLE FORCE", military/action/aviation, Black Ops techno thriller series. Currently the first three, "BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Eye of the Storm", "BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Sacred Mountain" and "RETURN of the STARFIGHTER" are all in AMAZON'S BEST SELLER Top 100 List: Fiction>War, "BLACK EAGLE FORCE: Eye of the Storm" Ken and Buck have also written a historical fiction western, THE NATIONS.

In addition to an active acting career, Ken started coaching acting a few years ago.  It was during one of his workshops , that someone asked why he didn't write a book on the style of acting he was teaching  because it was so logical and easy to understand and it would give the students a text to study outside of class. (nuff said,... here 'tis). "ACTING IS STORYTELLING"© .

Ken currently resides in rural north Texas near Gainesville, Texas, where he is an ex-officio  member of the board of directors of The Community Preservation Foundation.  Ken has one son, Clay, and two granddaughters, Makena and Morgan, currently residing in Houston, Texas.  Ken is also a lifetime member of the alumni association of Stephen F. Austin State University as well as a lifetime member of the "T" association
(letterman's club)


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